Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A simple life

I have an urge again to cut my hair shorter, but luckily I am running out of budget so I have to wait next month cause my hairstylist ain't cheap. Haha. He is so cute and so good looking! When he was cutting my hair I actually feel really xin fu. LOL! Anyway, he has a really good skills but my hair was too much and thick hence my hairstyle look a little bit weird right now.

Everything seems pretty smooth right now, my room mate has returned from her training at Abu Ddhabi, she has been away for two months and I feel so great to have her back. Finally I have someone to talk to at night, I love the way we chat because we always encourage each other whenever we are down or feel like giving up and making fun of others as well. That's what girl talks should be! My previous two months was really dull and lonely, nobody I can turn to when I am stress and now she is back, I feel like a happy girl again!

My work is running smoothly too! Finally we have returned to what we used to be, I feel really sorry for turning the office upside down because of my emotion and I feel really grateful for being able to endure the miserable period and stay together with them. Thankful I did not give up and thanks to my colleagues too that didn't give up on me. Though there are things that we couldn't turn back but we are creating more happy memories now. I feel really blessed to have them as my colleagues. :)

The positive energy has started filling in and I am really glad I made it through. Thanks my friends that helped me through during this period and I couldn't imagine what would I be without them. I wish I could tell them that although I am not the type of person who always keep in touch but whenever you need me, I will be there too, all you have to do is just ask. :)

 There will definitely be more challenges and obstacles in the future, but I've decided not to be too serious towards my life anymore. I am letting go my requirements for my happiness, I have goals but I will still be happy if I did not achieve any. I love my family but I will still be happy too if anyone of them is not. Happiness shouldn't be related to anything, it should from the heart that wants to be happy without any reason.

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