Thursday, April 4, 2013

短发 让我越来越爱自己。

I have a pretty short hair right now, and I love myself even more.

For some reason, I always keep my hair long ever since my primary school. I never cut it above my shoulder and for few times I met few hairstylist that wrongly cut my hair, I can't sleep at night and cry like a baby. My bestie always tell me, it is just hair, it will GROW so stop crying! But I can't help to feel that my hair will never be the same again.

That is the hard headed side of me. Whenever I want something, I just want it no matter what other people say. Sometimes it can be something even worse, so I never bother to convince or persuade people because I always believe that they will only understand/realise if they experienced themselves. Actions speak louder than words isn't it? That also clearly state that i can't do comforting job, if I am sad I always keep myself sad as long as I want, cry as much as I can because I know no one can heal me except me myself. So I always keep myself away from others if i'm having a down period, because you are responsible for your own wound, only  i myself can heal it, and all i need is just time.

Letting go has always been hard for me, but I am learning and learning to let go my hair is really a big step for me! But after all I am getting tired with long hair, so I might want to continue to keep my hair short. I have always been too harsh toward myself so all the time I wasn't really happy with who and what I am, I always wish to be a better me so I guess my short hair could be a good reminder for me that, don't be too serious towards your life and let go of the things you care too much cos that is the reason why you haven't been happy all the time. If you care about money, take your money a little bit lighter, don't haggling around few bucks and ruin your mood for few days, it's not worth at all. After all it just money, you will earn it back anyway.

Everyone wants to be happy, and my happiness started with letting go of my favourite hair. :)

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