Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy ever after

I hope he is a good man, he will like me, I will like him and we will be together, and happy ever after.

This is a sentence with a simple and nice meaning, it speaks out a lot of people dream yet it nearly impossible to come true. I guess whenever you met a person that you like, that you think you have a crush on and you feel the chemical reaction between both of you but none of you taking the action. You have always been a very passive girl, being the one who asked first is really impossible for you because you just couldn't passed your own dignity. So you have been waiting and waiting, till the feeling faded then you tell yourself, he is not the right one.

So I figured out love too, have to be timely. If you think you have the feeling, don't be shy to approach him. Text him, talk to him, find some excuses to meet him. I know when love comes, it will. But you will never know that was love until you try. If he is not interested in you, that is fine at least you try. Don't sit there and wait, take the action you will never know he will like you too. :)

It's always easier to say than done. God bless me.

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