Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm a girl who love attention too

i am no doubt a girl that who loves attention too. well im not a background hater that always jealous and gossip about the attention seeker, i admit i love to be seen and liked by everyone, i love beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, accessories but unfortunately im not a born star, i dont have beautiful eyes, i dont have fair skin color, i dont have perfect height and body shape, im not rich so i cant take expensive food picture and uploaded at fb or blog all the time, im not rich so i cant always go travel and enrich my life experience, im not sociable so i dont have much activities during my free time, the last thing that i want to do is spend time with someone i dont know and entertaining each other for whole night, im not a fan of make up so i dont have much make up tools and skills that i could teach people in youtube, i know none instruments so definitely i couldnt play a beautiful song and impress everyone, i sing well but not good enough to let my voice heard. there are so many things that i love but i do not have, the list that listed above are one of those that id love to have in my life. i wish i could be rich so i dont have to be so thrifty all the time, i wish i could be rich so travel wouldnt be just a dream for me, i wish i could be more sociable so that i dont feel so suffer when meeting new people, i wish i could have fairer so that id looked more attractive, i wish i could play piano so that i could sing and play at the same time. if any of those that wishes comes true, i guess id be the luckiest person in the world. but that are just dreams that will added credit to my life, i have eyes that able to see, i have legs that able to walk, i have hands that able to play, i have mouth that able to sing, i have food that keep me from starving, i have books that help me experiencing life journey, i have family and friends that love me for who i am. i am agree we all have to strive a better life, but while striving we shall not forget to be grateful of what has already given  because a meaningful story is always the reason that keep the reader to read, not the cover.

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