Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Youtube Entertainer

I mustn't drown on my emotional anymore. Yesterday when I was looking back my oldies photos from FB then only I realised that I have no had any happy moments since I left university and then I suddenly teared. :( Nowadays I can tear at any time any where, even a simple scenes on movie also makes me cry like a baby too. I am not sure what happened to me, I am not really comfortable at where I am right now that's why I find no reason to hang out with any friends. Most of the time I just want to stay home but recently I just found out Youtube is a really good entertainer. So while waiting for this phase to pass I found some shows in Youtube that I'd like to share!

1. Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition
There are couple of videos with full episode and this is one of them that I think she has transformed quite drastically. Each episode is around 1 hour and half so you better get ready with your snacks and sit on comfortably in your coach/bed to enjoy. :) I guess the reason I love to watch this was I love to see changes in people. I love to see people working hard to achieve their goal and this somehow inspired me too. Chris Powell is really an amazing person, he has a positive driven personality and he doesn't just help to transformed from the outside and he nurtured the attitude inside too. I remembered clearly once he said: "If you want to have a great result then you gotta to do great things too!"

2. Beauty Ballet
I found this video yesterday and I simply just admired her body! Mary Helen Bowers is a professional ballerina and the founder of Beauty Ballet too. And seriously the reason I watched because she has such a beautiful legs! And what more amazed me was she has no cellulite! #wtf. So I tried this exercise my own yesterday and my bottom already shaking by doing just half of it. But I'll continue, for sure.

3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
I bumped into Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and found out they has this such a creative fashion show. Audiences not only get to see the fashion show but also watching singer perform in live too. This is literally killing two birds with one stone. There are a lot of singers performing for Victoria's Secret too such as Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Maroon Five, Justin Bieber and etc. And I personally feel Rihanna version is one of the best. :)

4. Miranda Kerr's Story
Speaking of Victoria's Secret must be reminding you Miranda Kerr. She is so adorable! And she has such a huge baby. Simply admiring her because she is too perfect! x)

5. Jessie J
Jessie J at the age of 15. I never thought her original look would be so British because she always has this Egypt hair and sharp and smokey eyes, not to mention her song style nowadays, completely can't relate to this song that she sings so softly. I'm glad that she has transformed into a singer that has a very strong personality, she doesn't have a unique voice but she has a unique style of singing. And she recently just shaved her head for charity!

6. Michelle Phan
The Youtube makeup guru, Michelle Phan. When I bored enough and can't find anything to watch on Youtube. I'd just turn to her page and learn the way she makeup. Well, the funny thing is I don't even have makeup tools but I just love to watch her doing makeup. It inspired me sometimes to be pretty, to love myself more although I don't like to wear makeup, the most I would do is just clip my eyebrow and blush my cheek. She has a magic hand, she doesn't have a perfect eyes either, unlike those western feature but she could turn her eyes into really beautiful and attractive eyes (I just running out of adj). Wonder how she would paint my eyes, I have the most difficult eyes to makeup ever!

This is totally a girl blog! I just realised each one of them relate to the things I love, I love exercise, I love sing and last but not least I love beauty! I guess it applies on every girl, just depend how much you willing to spend to be pretty. Hmm..sometimes you just have to spend extra effort to make your dream happened, remember, you want to have great result? Then you gotta to do great things too!

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