Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's up September!

IT's the first week of September! I hope everything will start going well internally and externally with the rest of the year, as what I've been told by the fortune teller this is just not my year. Bad luck will keep coming to me until 2014 but somehow I still feel I'm lucky in certain ways so it doesn't really that true with bad luck.

I've been really obsessed with workout recently. I've been admiring those abs so much that I think I wanna set a goal to achieve that. But the things about me is that, I get contented pretty easily so whenever the result shown a little bit I started to get lazy and eat again! :( Hopefully I will get those abs by end of the year!

Dream abs! 

But anyway working out is not just about beauty from the outside it is also about building your own confidence and feel good about yourself. Believe it or not, my first diet experience was during my secondary school, exactly once after my standard 6. It was a horror experience because I have tried so many methods include starving myself like only having apples for the whole day but none of the method really last. Of course, it did give me some result at some ways but it was really suffering. I was really low in confidence back then because I never thought myself as a beautiful person so the only way to do it is to get as thin as possible since skinny was a perception of beauty during that time. I don't remember I ever stop on dieting during those 7 years in secondary school including my pre-university but nevertheless, I did discover a lot of facts about dieting and develop a few eating habits. Here it goes: 

1. I always opt for non sugar drinks and hot beverages wherever I go. Firstly sugar is a big NONO for me because I've discover I am pretty sensitive towards sweetness, my body absorb better in sugar more than oily food so anything that I ordered outside, I always opt for non sugar drinks or else at least it's a non-artificial sugar/milk. Second ice/cold is another big NONO for me too. As you can see the nature of the ice, it gets solid when the temperature goes down so it's the same theory applies, as you consume cold drinks, it will solidified the fat in your body and it will become harder to burn off too. 

2. I never drink water after my meal. Instead I will make sure I drink a lot of water before I start my meal. Mainly because if you drink after your meal your stomach will be bloated and I do not like the feeling of my jeans/skirt getting tighter because of the fullness. And trust me, it is really hard to burn those belly fat too. If you wonder why you do not have a flat stomach, believe me one more time, that's the reason. A change of simple habit can benefit in many ways. 

3. I never skip my meal. Though I don't mean a decent meal but I will make sure I eat something whenever I get hungry. I can't endure the hungriness, if you skip one meal that also means a bigger portion in your next meal which will cause more fat stored since you do not have anything in your stomach for a long time. But if I happened to skip meal because of busy schedule, I'll make sure I drink plenty of water before the meal start, it will create a sense of fullness and slowing you down from eating fast and craving for more food. 

4. Never feel over guilty for consuming fat food. So when you have those rules in your eating habit, don't feel guilty for breaking it either. I've been feeling guilty enough for many years so I just tell myself, whatever! I need a break. Once in a while our body need certain fat as well to keep our body flexible enough to lose more weight, even if you are in a tight diet you need one cheat day every week to let your body back to normal scale, it is also a way to reward yourself. 

5. I don't overeating my favourite food. Everyone has their own craving and favourite food so whenever I feel the crave hits me, I can't resist myself either! So what I usually do is I make sure I eat it but not excessively. You know sometimes when you love the food so much you just want to keep eating it until your stomach can't take it anymore. Well, don't let it override, an appropriate portion is very important, it's all about balance. 

Well, that's it! 

I guess girls will never break up with diet in their whole life. I know how some of the people having a prejudice of diet is starving yourself up so don't let the stigma ruins you. Whenever you have friends saying something like that, just keep silence, there's no point to explain things that they are not there to understand. As long as you feel good and happier about yourself this way, what else do you care? 

Happy workout! 

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