Monday, November 4, 2013

In the mid of 20s

Time passes like a lightning, it doesn't strike twice at the same place.

Remember the wonder that you thought about yourself when you were 15, how you would be like when you reach the age of 25. Remember the time when you were so upsetting about your family of not letting you to buy or go wherever you want, you swore that you will be getting everything you want when you grow up. Remember the moment when you start your first day in your college or university, you felt like your life have just began and who the hell cares about the future and goal? It feels really just like yesterday when I'm thinking back about all the stuffs that I wonder about my future and look, where am I right now, I am totally a grown up, have got the freedom that I've been longed for, reaching the age of 25, and working hard everyday to achieve my goal.

Just when you think the future are still so far away from you, just when you think you still got plenty of time to get ready, time slips through your grasp and turning you to a person that you once wondered what you would be. It's funny when one day you looking back to the old days you only realise that you've came such a long way but it feels like you never been there. All those issues that have once disturbed you for days and nights, those tiny bits feeling that you felt hurt for no reasons, all those moments that you failed and force yourself to get up again, it seems nothing significant now yet it is what made who you are today.

We all have came from a long way, no matter what age you are today. Be it 15 or 25, we all have those moments when we just can't figure it out why the God got us into. When I was 15, I struggled a lot with money whether should I spend this hard earn penny from my parents for the dress that made me look good in front of others. When I was 16, I struggled with my friends whether should I continue to be with them when they are doing something against my principle. When I was 20, I struggled a lot with self doubts because I was left behind by someone else. And now I am at the age of 24, I'm struggling a lot with my sleeping disorders which always leave me in tears at those endless nights.

But I want to believe in everything happened for a reason. Perhaps there were too many tiny problems I should be letting go so God create another bad ones so to keep me from worsening those tiny problems. You know my greatest habit? I tend to be too details and forgot about the big picture I should be looking at. I'm too good in cluttering myself with expectations, judgments, and disappointments and it shall be removed as soonest as possible. I wish you too. Fill yourself with great ideas, talk to your friends about big dreams, treat stranger with kindness, laughing together with your family about your clumsiness, treat life as a whole, not those unnecessary gadgets you should be fighting for. :)


  1. Cheer!!! Join us for fun!!! =D

  2. I don't want join you, I am fun already! haha!