Tuesday, November 12, 2013

She is me, I am her.

Some of the time I like to think about me of having another life. There probably is another version of me that going through a life in another dimension in this world. She probably has the similar experience like mine but just with that every experience that we gone through, we got the exact opposite result of each of them. Like the eraser that I always hope for when I was little, she got it but I didn't, like the one that I ended up in beaten and scold because of rebellious, she got to escape. Or in the other way round, the rain I got the escape today perhaps she by now has already became a drowned rat in the rain and if that's true, I'd really feel sorry for her right now.

She might not be look exactly the same way like me, perhaps she likes long hair better, she has fairer skin and better in shape than me. But she will always be as low confident as me because we are the same yet different in some way. You know in order for us to have the exact the same experience in our life, there must be something in us that truly define us and I always think that my confident level is what always keep my head down. But I'd like to think she is cooler and smarter because when you imagine things, it is always something better, not worse. If there is really a me out there in another dimension, I wish you know that the negative things that you always have in your mind about yourself, are not true.

You are smart, you are not bored, all the problems that you have right now are not world problem, they are not directing to where your life is going, instead they are just here filling in the spaces between the looses puzzle in our life, they will not be staying with you forever so don't be afraid, they don't mean the end. Remember how we always hope to live the life we wanted? In fact, you are living it right now so if you keep looking beyond than present, you will never truly be happy. You may be hard to entertain but your smile are priceless, so don't be a cheapskate, smile and laugh more. Remember how we always miss something that we used to be hating so much? One day, moment like this will be missed too. I also wish you to know that, I admire you more than anything else, you have always stay true to yourself, you always made good reason for every bad thing happens, I know you always wish you can do better but I hope you know that you deserved a reward too. You already are a better version of yourself, who else you want to be?

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