Sunday, April 27, 2014

Be random, be kind.

When i was in the train the other day, I was on the way back from work and as there wasn't any seats so I settled myself in the corner so I can get a lean on and rest. As the train goes on from one station to another, there were these two ladies came in and stand beside the pole and continue their conversation. One of the girls has a very short hair and dresses in a boyish way. She reminded me of my friends who have the exact same features like hers, in some ways I can't help but thinking in a narrow minded way. this is what i do when i'm in train where i have nothing to do but to stare out of the window and think whatever i see.

As i was in the middle of judging and wondering, behind me there was a handicap man sitting in the priority seats. I didn't realise what happened but what I saw next is the boyish girl that i was thinking suddenly open her bag and handed out the tissue to him in a split second. Then when i turned my back only I came to know that the handicap was throwing up and the residue was all over his shirt. There was another lady that sit in front of the handicap was holding the tissue and ready to hand it out but she was shocked and hesitating whether to give or not. The friend of the boyish girl too, was hesitating as she saw this coming, i can tell as i saw her hand was in her bag, as if searching for something. In a minutes later, when the trains stop in next station the handicap walked out and i guess that's not his stop but he figured he better clean up himself first. As he walked out in front of me, i was quite scare if he'd trip towards me cos he wasn't a one leg or one hand handicap, he has complete hands and legs but somehow they are distorted and his head was tilted to one side all the time.

i was amazed how the girl react in that millisecond, she didn't back off when she saw that coming but instead she quickly react and do the right thing without a bit hesitation. you must thinking "that's what everyone will do right?" I must tell you, in a rational and hypothesis way, yeah everyone will do that. But in real situation, where you can see how his throw up are all over his shirt and chair, how the smell came into your nose, will you not thinking about yourself first? No, not everyone will do that. Your hesitation already decide who you are and kindness doesn't give room for hesitation.

You know whenever i passed by the homeless or beggar i'd never place any notes or coins for them because i know if i give, tomorrow he will be here again waiting for another, he would never be able to find a job himself and think the world would give him everything for free and at the end i am not helping him at all. but each time i walked passed them with guiltiness, i felt i was just finding an excuse to comfort my selfishness. if help was my intention, it should never be ignorance.

I always believe in giving is receiving. And you must try to feel how satisfy is it to give something and not expecting anything in return. It doesn't feel like hard work paid off when you finally get your wage increment or bonus at the end of the year, it doesn't feel like those numbers drop in your weighing scale, it is not even close to any donation or charity you have taken part before. I believe kindness satisfied you in the tiniest way in life, it doesn't have to be planned, sometimes it is as simple as remembering a servant's name, putting a new parking coupon for a forgetful driver or even buy someone a drink who line up behind you.

I have a new goal to achieve this year:

Be random, and be kind.

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