Sunday, July 20, 2014

The beauty lies within.

I am beginning to feel myself getting more and more comfortable in where I am now. I have a job that I like, a wage that could support my living and sometimes my craving, a rented room that I love with a calm and quite environment, a few friends that I can hanging out with, a gym routine that I have developed to keep me healthy, I can't think of anything to complain right now. I am happy with my current life and I am not intended to change that at all. But being comfortable at one stage is also means that you are not making any progress, you are not improving yourself, what I mean here is in terms of mindset.

I have slowly discovered myself spending lesser and lesser time on thinking, on the good side is it prevents me from overthinking, on the other side, as I don't practice this habits that often, it affects me a lot when I faced challenging question. I used to write it here when I am discovering how certain issue affects me and others, it helped in some way on my personal values and beliefs although some of it may seems controversial to one another, nonetheless those opinions are planted in my mind and when I come across the same issue again I know what are my standpoints. So I shall proceed to make the page active again, I will not emphasize on how I write this time cause sometimes I putting too much effort on constructing words and grammar, it made me writes slow and when it is slow, I give up writing.

I have recently discovered a video which I find it quite meaning, to women. Beauty is always what the world defines us, a woman should be fair, skinny, well dressed, speak softly, walk slowly, hit gently and etc. I am not saying if we are not fall into one of the categories then we are not women, I mean it always have been there, when you say fair, you think of a girl, when you say skinny it should be a girl, when you say walk like a girl, you walk slowly. In either way, those words are defining us and affects how we live our life because the world made us believe that, a girl is better gets her hand dirty on a kitchen instead of a garage. I guess there is always a definition for everything, but the most important thing is that don't let it defines your self worth. Just because you don't have a pretty face, you don't worth a respect, just because you are not skinny you can't be a model, just because you hit gently it doesn't mean you can't fight. Your values are lies on how you think about yourself, beauty may just be a path that make us happy and confident, but it is not the only path, age doesn't sustain beauty and your happiness and confidence should not faded with it together.

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