Friday, September 5, 2014

20 Facts about me

As much as I hate how the trend going on throughout the internet, I like reading people "20 Facts about me" and I thought it would be nice to think one for my own. Here are the list of 20 facts about me:

1. I am getting 25 next month and I am still single and I love my family more than any stage of my life now.
2. My English name is Jane and I have only started using it since my first job, it was adopted from the very first novel I read, Jane Eyre and I never finish reading it.
3. When I got really into a book, I can finish it in one day.
4. I love to share happiness, especially with people I like, when I got really excited on something I'd keep on telling them the same thing.
5. I cook most of the times for my meal and my cooking skills still suck.
6. I find it satisfying when I get to buy something cheap but good quality because it is easy to get a good stuff as long as you have the money, but cheap and nice don't come easy and sometimes it is about luck.
7. I don't like calling myself thrifty because I would not buy something I don't need and if I really want something, I'd go for it no matter how.
8. I need to go to bed before my roomate in order to get a good night sleep.
9. I avoid to dislike someone, because that would means that person doesn't like you either.
10. I spend more time in listening to my parents now, simply just nod and listen because I feel that is the only thing I can do for them.
11. Sometimes I am fighting with my own voices more than anything else.
12. I inspired by people who have clear vision on what they want and always open minded to knowing more.
13. I really love peanut butter and banana!
14. I hate people wasting food especially those who knows they couldn't finish but still ordering it.
15. I love people who are a dustbin eater!
16. I love all pretty stuffs and pretty people but I have my own definition on defining pretty.
17. I want to try a trendy make up very much for a really long time but I never know how.
18. I used to scare if I would still be single by age 30, but then I decided I want to live now.
19. I express my appreciation to someone by how much manner I put up with them, the more I respect someone the more I appreciate them.
20. I used to think if I have children of my own one day, I'd want them to learn piano, ballet, swimming, dancing but now I think I only want to teach them two things, manner and the value of things not the price of it.

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