Thursday, January 1, 2015

A little thought for my 2015 Part 1

Working life has become a routine now, there are no longer constant craving for challenges, I was a totally different person back then, I know I have lost the fire and everything is going back where I started. It is easy to fall into the pry of money I guess, I keep looking to have more cause I'm not able to hold myself comparing with others that's why I become greedier and greedier. Increment was no longer a relief of burden but the desire to have more, goal was no longer a goal for self satisfaction, the heat has slowly faded away and I am feeling lost more than ever.

I didn't know how it happened, I am all at a sudden lost my purpose and goal. No it's not that I didn't achieve any of my goal, in fact I have gotten what I once wanted but now I have gotten, what should I do next? Imagine you have a dream, have you ever think of what to do next when your dream come true? There is no happily ever after, eventually you will bored of what you have and wanted something else. Perhaps I've always been not appreciative, not realizing how things should be appreciated until I lost it. Or perhaps I should set myself a more difficult goal, to keep the dog chasing its tail.

I have always miss my university life, it was such a life that full of purpose and motivation. I'm been really lucky to have great people around me that time so that I'm able to grow. But I don't think surround yourself with great people is a choice, you don't choose your friend and colleagues. I never believe in choosing who should be around us, cause relationship is all about chemical, if it's work out it will else don't force the relationship. Not to mention about colleagues, the people that spent most of our time with, whether you like it or not they are there and the only thing you do is to accept it. The company name may sound fancy but not until you work with the people and each team acquire different culture so it's all depend your luck.

Of course it all started with luck, but then what happen next it's all depend your attitude. What you do determine how people treat you. I guess I don't buy the idea of surround ourselves with great people is that I believe we can be that great people too, why bother to search while you can just be one?

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